Visiting Writers

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Leonard A. Slade, Jr.

Honorary Reader & 2018 Poet Fellow

Leonard A. Slade, Jr. is Professor Emeritus of Africana Studies, and the former Director of the Humanistic Studies Doctoral Program and Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Program at the State University of New York at Albany. He has taught English at Virginia State University, Kentucky State University, Skidmore College, Union College, and RPI. An Edmund J. James Scholar, Slade earned the Doctor of Philosophy degree in English from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has also studied at Bennington College, Middlebury College, and the University of Ghana in West Africa. Slade is the author of twenty-two books of poetry, which have been sold in China, Japan, India, Finland, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Germany, France, Denmark, and Italy. He was awarded a Ford Foundation Fellowship, a Northeast Modern Language Association Research Fellowship in Poetry, and a National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education Award in Washington, D.C. Slade received The Langston Hughes Society Distinguished Service Award, The Southern Conference on African American Studies Book Award, The Poetry Gold Medal of Excellence Award, and The President's Excellence in Teaching Award at Kentucky State University and SUNY Albany. He lives with his wife in Albany, New York, and has one daughter.