Will the Virtual Program be the same as MVICW's Annual Summer Conference?

Well, we won't be on the island this summer, and that's the central difference, but we have created one of the most vibrant, comprehensive, and community-centered Virtual Summer Writing Conferences which captures the magic of our in-person conference. One of the big changes that we're very excited about is that we've doubled our offerings of classes, so you'll be able to access recordings of the live sessions long after the conference ends. What this means is that attendees will now be able to go to every class we offer rather than having to choose between them.

How does a Virtual Conference work?

We will be using Whoova, a virtual conference platform that gives you Zoom access to daily seminars, evening readings, panel discussions, and late night lounges where you can share your work with the rest of the community. This will be a week-long immersion in writing, with an optional add-on Manuscript Session where you'll have a one-on-one virtual meeting with one of our visiting writers. The platform is super-intuitive and offers lots of opportunities to connect with other attendees, and we'll have staff and volunteers on-hand all week to help you navigate the system

Will I be able to interact and share my work with others?

100%. Community building and creating a nurturing communal experience is the foundation of MVICW.  Our platform allows you to share your work live both in classes and during our Late Night Lounges.  As well, every class will have a virtual host who will ask questions posed through the Q&A/chat box. We believe this option will allow even greater interaction, particularly for those who would prefer to ask questions by message rather than vocally.

How can I access videos if I miss a session?

Class recordings will become available within one week after their original start time and you will have 6 months to access each video. This allows you to watch sessions you've missed as well as return to favorite classes again and again.

Is the MVICW Summer Conference happening in person again?

You bet!  We are all looking very much forward to the end of this pandemic and a return to being able to be together again in person. In the meantime, we're developing more opportunities to nurture our community and our writers online.  And when the day comes that we can return to gathering on the vineyard, what a wonderful celebration it will be!

Why Fellowship application fees?

We allocate every dollar we receive in application fees to creating more fellowships for writers of color, queer writers, parent-writers, and educators. And so with each fellowship application you're not simply expanding your own chances of attending MVICW on a funded fellowship, but you're supporting increased opportunities for other deserving writers.


Still have questions?

Email us at programs@mvicw.com