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Traveling to Martha's Vineyard

MVICW Seminars & Lodging 

The Martha's Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing is located on the island of Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts.  All classes, readings, and events will be held at the Vineyard Arts Project. Workshop participants may choose to stay on campus at the VAP or book lodging in many other guest houses, hotels, and hostels on the Vineyard. Full lodging options and prices for rooms at the VAP are available at our registration page. Martha's Vineyard has excellent restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops which offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, all within walking distance of the workshops. Visit here for an extensive listing of lodging and restaurants, beaches, nature trails, and other activities and information. 

The Vineyards Art Project

The Vineyard Arts Project is an artist residency located on the beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard. The VAP campus is located in the seaside village of Edgartown, and is easily accessible with a ten minute walk into the center of town, a mile-and-a-half scenic bike ride to State Beach, and a few steps away from multiple bus stops, putting all popular island destinations within easy reach of conference attendees. Edgartown has a great variety of fine restaurants, grocery stores, welcoming cafes and bars, and a local bookstore and cinema. The VAP grounds are wonderfully tranquil and indoor spaces are comfortable and spacious, providing the perfect environment for conference goers to enjoy our summer seminars while also finding the space needed to develop new work. The VAP is located at 215 Upper Main Street.


Getting to the Vineyard

You can travel to the vineyard by car, bus, ferry, and/or plane. Click below on one of the tabs to read more about travel to the island.

A note about booking travel: The first event will take place at 5:00pm on Sunday. For attendees staying at MVICW lodging, you are welcome to arrive and check in as early as 4pm on the Saturday beforehand. Additionally, the last event will be held the that Friday night and attendees should plan on checking out of MVICW lodging the following day, on Saturday by 10am.

Fly to Boston
Bus & Ferry
Drive to the Vineyard

Fly directly to the Vineyard

Book flights for the Martha's Vineyard Airport (MVY).


Once you have arrived on island, public transportation is readily available from the airport to the village of Edgartown, including local buses with the Vineyard Transit Authority, taxis, and Uber.


Using one of these transit options, make your way over to the Vineyard Arts Project for check in, which is located at 215 Upper Main Street.


  • Flying direct is the easiest travel option

  • Most time efficient way to arrive to the Vineyard

  • No need to catch bus & ferry connections


  • Often the least affordable way to travel

  • Flight options may be limited 

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