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15 Years of Fostering Creativity, Community, & Craft

MVICW was founded with a belief that a supportive, creative, and nourishing community is essential for a successful writing life. Our Summer Writers’ Conference has created true magic, giving writers at all stages of their careers the opportunity to reconnect on a deep level with their writing practice, to believe in the work they do, and to build a vibrant network of writers. We believe in teaching compassion not competition, creative help not hierarchy, and offering the tools to heal your Inner Critic so that you can go on to produce the most powerful, creative, and life-changing work you’re capable of.

At MVICW, we have witnessed the power of creative writing to transform the world and are dedicated to promoting voices from a wide array of cultural backgrounds, to increasing philanthropic support for writers, and to enhancing the literary landscape of Martha’s Vineyard. As part of our commitment to creative inclusion, every year we offer fellowships to writers of color, parent-writers, educators, and LGBTQIA+ writers. 

We are incredibly proud of our MVICW family. Our attendees continue to credit their experience at MVICW with the successful completion of novels and poetry collections, to receive national awards and grants, to gain admittance to MFA creative writing programs, and to open bookstores, literary presses, and communal spaces for literature in their hometowns. Most importantly, our attendees have found a supportive writing community and the confidence to pursue their writing long after the program ends.

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