Join us every evening from June 5th to June 11th for a free virtual reading with our Visiting Writers. You can also help us support our artists and their communitites by purchasing from our author's local bookstores! They will even sign your copy!*

An evening reading with...

Alexander Weinstein & Leonard A Slade Jr.

Sunday, June 6th | 6 - 7pm EST

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Leonard A Slade Jr. would like everyone to know the proceeds from this book (and all his books) are turned into donations to support other causes.

Amelia Martens & Wendy Rawlings

Monday, June 7th | 6 - 7pm EST

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Phong Nguyen & Joshunda Sanders

Tuesday, June 8th | 6 - 7pm EST

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Christopher Citro & Matthew Gavin Frank

Wednesday, June 9th | 6 - 7pm EST

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Britton Shurley, Robert James Russell & 
Tia Clark

Thursday, June 10th | 6 - 7pm EST

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Adrian Matejka & Keith Taylor

Friday, June 11th | 6 - 7pm EST

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*Option not available for Leonard A. Slade's Collected Poems, or Adrian Matejka's preorders for Standing on the Verge of Getting It On and Maggot Brain and Somebody Else Sold the World