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"This was one of the most wonderful weeks of my writing life.  I gained so much insight into craft and the story I'm working on. Loved the community of supportive writers and the incredible teachers. MVICW gets you to the next level of your writing, in one of the most beautiful places, alongside super talented and wonderful people."  Evan S. (Attendee)


"The setting was spectacular, the teaching incredibly helpful, insightful, thought provoking, and kind.  The balance of craft classes, readings, and writing time  worked perfectly. Just a big thank you! Thank you for honoring and valuing the  voices of parents and people of color.  Thank you for the guidance and fun!"  Quinn R. (Attendee)


"From life lessons that equip me better to enjoy my life as a writer to practical tips about publishing, agents, and how you make a living as a writer. MVICW helped  me on so many levels.  But more than anything, it is the sense of community and friendship that are the greatest gifts I'm taking with me."  Zara C. (Attendee)

"Absolutely wonderful. It was a rewarding experience unlike anything else I’ve been able to find in the writing community. There is so much kindness within this program, so much love, and it shows in every single tiny detail—there is, I am sure of it, no workshop like this anywhere. It was an essential week that I will not forget." Robert James Russell (Fiction Faculty)

"Absolutely wonderful! A beautiful, open-hearted community of fellow writers.  The culture of MVICW is unique in its total absence of judgement and ego—from instructors to the director and fellow participants. I gained a huge confidence boost and remembered why I love to write!"  (10th Anniversary Attendee)

"MVICW has cultivated a space that is truly generative, compassionate, fun, and rigorous at once. I was astounded by the work I heard and the growth I witnessed in such a brief time. The anti-competitive but highly concentrated environment is unique and attracts a caliber and culture of writers that I find truly impressive and a joy to teach beside." Kea Wilson (Fiction Faculty)


"The most beautiful gift I have ever been given. I learned a great deal about form and writing strategies.  I loved the faculty and their fraternity and generosity toward writers of all levels." Andrea M. (Attendee)

"Wow!  Life-changing. This is my second year and I can see how much I've grown from last year to this. Huge leaps with an amazingly supportive community. Being able to work on my craft with excellent teachers and surrounded by a generous and kind community was an experience I'll never forget. MVICW restored my faith in writing workshops. I grew so much this week, professionally and personally. I'll most certainly be back!" Giannina S. (Attendee)

"This was truly one of the best writing conferences I've ever attended—a perfect balance of creative rigor and creative leisure. The feeling of fellowship among faculty and students was infectious, electric even." Matthew G. Frank (Nonfiction Faculty) 


"This isn't just a program; it's a community. We felt like a family taking classes, eating meals together while watching the sunset, exploring the island, and sharing our work. I’m so happy I got to be a part of such a welcoming, passionate community." Claire D. (Attendee)


"I felt bonded with writers who instantly became family, and was welcomed into a community of highly intelligent, creative artists. There was a deep sense of inspiration and support among the instructors as well as the participants that pushed me to explore deeper aspects of my writing." Dana C. (Attendee)

"An excellent experience, providing me with exactly what I needed.  Superb teaching, beautifully organized, and a relaxed environment in which to practice the craft.  Encouraging, inspiring, and honest.” Francesca A. (Attendee)


“The transformation I underwent during this program was remarkable: in one week my relationship to my writing has forever changed.” Preston W. (Attendee)


“This was one of the most meaningful weeks of my life.  Being surrounded by women writers and the support and love was the best part! This has changed my identity—I now see myself as part of a community of writers!" (10th Anniversary Attendee)


“The one-on-one editing session was highly productive. The faculty gave a close, generous, and careful read. I was impressed with how deeply my editor had thought about my manuscript, which I was deeply honored by." Justine D. (Attendee)


"Amazing!! My experience at the Summer Writers’ Conference was incredible! I was able to devote my time to my writing and found inspiration through the seminars, workshops, and conversations with fellow writers. The visiting professors, as well as all MVICW staff/teachers, are highly skilled and extremely helpful guides. I would definitely recommend MVICW (and already have!) It is a great way to collaborate and converse with others and the environment is perfect for artistic inspiration." Mary B. (Attendee)


"My time at the seminar was productive and magical, and I am certain the lessons and energy will fuel my continued growth as a writer. The seminar was only six days, but I felt the sense of community and support immediately and consistently." Nancy B. (Attendee)


"A wonderfully useful conference in an absolutely beautiful place. The combination of workshops, craft sessions, and private writing time make this week-long conference a transformative experience." Tony Ardizzone (Fiction Faculty)


"I felt so incredibly supported the entire week, and the faculty and fellow writers crafted an amazing space in which to create. It was only with this space and time and with this kind of community of passionate and committed writers that my work was able to fully blossom." Julie O. (Attendee) 


"Communal,  a fellowship of students and faculty, a rarity for such events.  For a truly intimate, inspiring experience, MVICW is the place to be." Marcus Wicker (Poetry Faculty)

"A wonderful community where the novice and professional can happily coexist and learn from each other.  I’ve had the honor of attending prominent and large conferences in the past, and I walked away from MVICW with far more viable material." Wendy R. (Attendee)


"Dynamite, left me very inspired and just happy about poetry and art. MVICW is a good way to focus on writing, get inspired, and meet other writers. I feel lucky to have participated!" Sofi T. (Attendee)


"This experience is exactly what I needed and I'm forever changed in the best possible way." Devi S. (Attendee) 


"I was nervous about fitting in and being a good enough writer. Once I got to MVICW, I was immediately surrounded by other writers and it was all fantastic. I gained confidence in my work, I pushed myself in my writing, I connected with really cool writers, and will be keeping in touch and starting a writing group with them. This place is magical!" Kellie S. (Attendee)

"I was feeling burnt-out and stuck after my final year in my MFA.  This week allowed me to recharge and reconnect with the sheer joy of writing new work.  A lovely, relaxing, and alternative time—I loved it!" Anna C. (Attendee)

"This week has been so validating.  I struggled my whole life to claim the identity of 'writer.'  Being here has allowed me to feel affirmed and supported as I engage in the work."  Gina E. (Attendee)


"Since attending, I’ve read and written more than I have in a long while, and the energy of MVICW is still wreaking havoc in notebooks and word files months later. I am producing my best work." Jenny H. (Attendee)

"MVICW is a wonderfully supportive week with fellow writers in a beautiful place! I received incredibly detailed and intelligent feedback on two flash fiction pieces—some of the most concrete and clear feedback I’ve ever received. My goals/hopes were to connect with other writers, have time to work on my novel, generate new work in response to exercises, and just invigorate myself through community. All met! The caring and support from the faculty was just so palpable and present. I loved the positive, affirming, supportive tone that carried throughout all of the seminars, and the focus on play, prompts, community, and generating new work is refreshing and inspiring. The whole week feels steeped in a kind of rare magic." Joy B. (Attendee)

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